The biggest municipalities of Aurajoentie

There are four bigger municipalities among the Aurajoentie: Aura, Lieto, Oripää and Pöytyä’s Riihikoski.

Get to know those better and go on an adventure.



Lieto is close to everything and offers numerous good reasons to live in the heart of Southwest Finland. The fields cleared quite early along Aurajoki and Savijoki are characteristic of the sludge cultural landscape. The landscape is also dominated by rocky hills and forest columns. Lieto offers a wide range of excursions, fascinating day trips, high-quality sports facilities and multi-obvious nature destinations for tourists, day trips and residents from near and far.


Aura is a strongly growing, small and cozy municipality in Auranmaa, right next to Turku. The sign of the area, Aurajoki, flows beautifully and wide through the Aura. The municipality of Aura is the age of Finland’s independence, as it was founded in 1917. Aura combines a vibrant and representative urban area with a prestigious cultural environment.

Pöytyä / Riihikoski

The municipality of Pöytyä belongs to the region of Southwest Finland and the region of Loimaa. Along Aurajoki, which flows through Pöytyä, there are many uniform field patterns and living countryside. Vaskijärvi National Park, part of Kurjenrahka National Park and part of Kuhankuono hiking trail are also located at Pöytyä. Riihikoski, located along the tourist road, is one of the three municipal centres in Pöytyä. The coblog of the municipality of Pöytyä describes the growth and today with its small conurbations in modern
in rural spirit.


Oripää is at the same time large and small municipality in Southwest Finland with room to live, run a business and have different kinds of hobbies. Oripää is the starting point of the Aura River and the locality of the snouts and sources. There are many things to see in Oripää. There are options for both museum and nature lovers. At the mill fountain you can enjoy the beauty of the spring nature, and when you walk along the beginning of the Aurajoki, you can feel the smell of a heath forest. In winter, you can ski on the high-quality trails of the Harjureitti. Oripäänkangas plays an important role as a gravel, groundwater and outdoor area. There is a busy small airport in Oripää.