Beginning of Aura River, Tuomistonsuo

In Tuomistonsuo, Aurajoki (Aura River) can be crossed with one leap. Aurajoki, which originates in the ridge area of the stallion, is initially a narrow stream at its source, which gradually grows wide from the water of numerous sideways
as a cultural river. The beginning of Aurajoki is bordered by a swamp in Tuomistonsuo, a moth and a lusher raven-like spruce tree just along Aurajoki. From birds in the area you will meet many different species. The most noteworthy species is the varnish found in the streamside, which is most commonly associated with old forests. The top stream of Aurajoki is followed by route that departs from the edge of the ridge area. Along the path there are a draft swamp and signage boards about Aurajoki. At the beginning of the path there is a spread for parking cars.

Turku-Huittinen from the road (41) is driven past Oripää and turned right towards Hirvikoski.
Hirvikoskentie is driven 1.3 km, after which the ridge route and the beginning of Aurajoki are turned left. The edge of the ridge area and the road to the greenhouses are driven 1.2 km, which reaches the starting point of the equestural route of the early sources of Aurajoki.

Further information: Oripää municipality tel. 044 7625 300

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